Nothing better than huge black cocks at wild bachelorette parties

February 10th, 2015 by admin


This night in the pub was reserved for one of those private wild bachelorette parties and the only male in all the crowd was the bartender. When he saw that the girls were all drunk and ready for action he decided to show them some CFNM fun so he went to the center of the place and started dancing and taking off his clothes. What started out as a dull evening soon turned out to be one of the best wild bachelorette parties ever as the girls all joined the fun and started touching him while he enjoyed his CFNM fuck fest.

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Brunette jerking off the stripper’s cock

January 21st, 2015 by admin


This Dancing Bear video is just twisted! It is one of the office girl’s birthday and her colleagues decide to hire her a male stripper. Besides the fact that all the chicks are sexy in their work uniforms, they apparently are sex freaks too. The naked guy goes over to the birthday girl and starts shaking his ass for her and thrusting his cock in her face. She grabs on and laughs happily while jerking it off. What’s amazing is that the other chicks go about their work as though this stuff happens everyday in their office!

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Throwing hoops on cocks at wild bachelorette parties

January 1st, 2015 by admin


Here we will show you some really unusual CFNM action as the girls on one of the wild bachelorette parties decide to have fun with the only man that got there. First they gave him a nice suck in order to make him stone hard and make him think he is going to get some hot CFNM sex and then they told him to lie down on the floor. Used to going to the wild bachelorette parties he thought they are going to take turns in riding him but they decided to throw hoops on his big cock and the one that wins gets to fuck him.

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Wild bachelorette showing her nice tits

December 12th, 2014 by admin


This bachelorette party has turned into an all out fuckathon. Each of the girls is trying to outdo each other to get the rank of wildest slut of the bunch. Since it is difficult for the Dancing Bear stripper to perform while his cock is in a girl’s mouth, he recruits a blond haired chick to do his job for him. He watches, while enjoying an amateur blowjob, how the drunk chick starts acting all sexy. She first takes off her top and exposes her tits. The other drunk girls are cheering her on until the first-time stripper is dancing on the furniture.

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Dancing bears like wild bachelorette parties

November 22nd, 2014 by admin


There are things that make wild bachelorette parties even wilder and here we are going to show you one of those. The night has already moved on a lot and the girls have had a lot of drink which was just the cue for the CFNM fun to start. When the bride-to-be whistled a hung, muscular dude in the costume of a bear came in and started dancing and showing off his big shaft. The babes went wild and the real CFNM action could finally begin. Things that happened made this one of the most amazing wild bachelorette parties ever and he liked it the most.

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