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Sexy asian babe enjoys wild bachelorette parties

August 29th, 2015


Throwing a party for a girl getting married is easy with wild bachelorette parties that various clubs around offer. One of these parties happened in a well known girls-only bar with hot Asian chick getting married and enjoying cfnm action for the last time in her life. Getting hitched is important but so it is to have a bit of cfnm fun. Wild bachelorette parties involve lots of drinks, fun, laughing and an occasional strip, except that for this Asian babe that fun took a wilder turn where she got to taste real American cock and have the hot jizz in her mouth. This will be one of the many wild bachelorette parties that she attended and will never forget. It’s hard to forget hardcore cfnm action with loads of cum all over her face.

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Huge black cock splashes the glass screen

August 9th, 2015


These drunk girls at a bachelorette party are really in for a splashing good time. Luckily, the Dancing Bear provides splash screens. This drunk college chick is mesmerized by the way the black stud thrusts his cock in her face while rotating her hips. Somewhere behind that idiotic expression, the girl’s head is still functioning enough to keep slipping the guy money. She’s trying to buy her way into the VIP room so she can taste that chocolate cock and then brag to her friends. The guy gives her an idea what she’s in for when he splashes the glass shield.

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Huge black cock at wild bachelorette party

June 30th, 2015


This woman is actually the bachelorette’s boss. She was so happy to be invited to the wild end of single life party that she let herself go crazy. When the black male stripper came into the room, the suburban bitch went absolutely nuts for his chocolate rod. Luckily, the Dancing Bear stud is used to drunk women molesting him. He got himself a big tip by taking out his long ebony schlong and gently smacking the woman’s face with it. The woman kept trying to catch it in her mouth until…Success! Once in that wet vac, the boss didn’t let go until there was cum streaks in her hair.

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Blonde bachelorette gets her breast cum blasted

May 21st, 2015


This blonde chick seems mesmerized by the cum blasted all over her tits. Maybe she will try to use the ‘I was so drunk that I blacked out excuse’ to explain her slutty behavior. At least we got it all on tape so she can remember! The bachelorette party was in full swing, which means a lot of horny drunk girls jumping on furniture and doing amateur strip shows. The Dancing Bear stud hired for the last night of debauchery couldn’t be more pleased with his work. All he had to do was whip out his cock and the chicks went crazy.

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Wild bachelorette drinks a glass of cum

April 11th, 2015


This chick actually does it! She drinks cum right out of the glass, bukkake style. This babe at the Dancing Bear is the type of uptight girl who is even squeamish about giving her boyfriend head. That all changes when she is with her girlfriends for a wild bachelorette party. There are no boyfriends, husbands, or fiancés in sight. The only men are the ones shaking their cocks while the horny chicks shriek and grab at the meat with their little fingers. The chick has gotten her own private lap dance while her drunken girlfriends watch. This pic was taken while she still has a wad of cum in her mouth!

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